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Employee Appreciation Day

Posted on February 28 2022

A picture with the word saying thank you, written out with scrabble letters. The photo was taken by Courtney Hedger; a free image on Unsplash.


We all enjoy receiving compliments, a nod when you've accomplished the littlest task—a high five when you've landed a client. But most of all, a thank you for the work you've put in; the long hours after everyone leaves. The tasks you get done thinking it's gone unnoticed. It hasn't, but do your employees know?

Today, we live in an upside-down world where long hours don't necessarily work anymore. Day-to-day tasks we've grown comfortable with are changing by the hour.

Our offices now look different and may reside in the random nook of our houses. The work industry has forever changed, along with everyone learning to adapt.

And a heartfelt thank you for all the uncertainty goes a long way. There are many ways to say thank you; a handwritten letter, flowers, a gourmet box of cookies, or even just a simple, hey, I cannot thank you for the work you've done; it truly makes a difference.

And here at Monica's, we'd like to thank and recognize our own team of powerful women, mixmaster Dave and Mr. Cookie, aka Frank. The amount our company has grown in the last two years is truly surreal.

We've had to revamp and change the way we feature our cookies, set new goals, and create new spaces in such a short window of time.

During it all, each and every one of you took part in that grown. Our team became an unstoppable force. Everyone stepped up, worked their butts off, and truly made our company an incredible environment. Without you, Monica's would not be the same or be where it's at today.

The energy put forth does not go unnoticed, and we will never stop thanking you for your effort, long hours, and the wonderful customer service you provide to our happy customers. Our team is one of a kind, and we THANK YOU!

Employee Appreciation Day is March 4th. Have you thanked your team?


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