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New Year, New Goals, But Still Cookies

Posted on January 09 2023

Coffee, cookies, and monica's gourmet boxes.

New Year 

New Goals


But Still Cookies

We’re saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023. The new year always brings a fresh wave of goals, challenges, and newfound hobbies to try. But the biggest resolution? The 70% looking to become healthier. We all obsessively write down the things we need to immediately change and work on. But when you change everything at once and go completely cold turkey, 9/10 times, we are likely to crash and burn sooner than we hope to. And the sooner is looking like February.

Believe me, giving up sugar was the wrong move when working at a cookie factory. But if you’d like to stick to your goals and become that “better you” without the crash and burn, try these flavors instead; because moderation is key when achieving new long-term goals. 

Swap In These Flavors:

Dark Chocolate Chip Vegan: On the fence about starting a plant-based diet or going Vegan? Try the latest challenge, Veganuary: a month without dairy, eggs, & meat. It not only helps the environment and animals but has a lot of health benefits too. And our Dark Chocolate Chip Vegan cookie goes hand in hand with the challenge. No soy, no dairy, no eggs! Even if you aren’t going vegan, try it; you may fall in love.


vegan cookies


Gluten-Free & Vegan Dark Chocolate Chip:  Our newest cookie on the line! The options can be slim when you’re met with a gluten allergy and a vegan diet. But our newest addiction has got you covered. No soy, eggs, dairy, or gluten, made with a sweet rice flour to enjoy every bite.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip:  Our sugar-free cookies come straight from the heart and are made with so much love. When Monica’s father was diagnosed with diabetes, she wanted to make something he could enjoy. So by taking our best-seller, Signature Chocolate Chip, Monica did just that and sweetened the deal with a sugar-free alternative. This is a great option when you still want a cookie with less sugar.


sugar free chocolate cookies

Sugar-Free Vanilla Pecan: A popular favorite amongst the cookie-lover gang is our regular Vanilla Pecan cookie. When a craving kicks in, our Sugar-Free Vanilla Pecan is a wonderful swap if you're a fan of our nut cookies.


Gluten-Free Cookies: Our gluten-free cookies come in our most popular flavors:

Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter Drizzle

Iced Lemon

Iced Almond

Iced Pumpkin (seasonal)

White Chocolate Peppermint (seasonal)

 gluten-free almond cookies


Many new year resolutioners gear toward trying a gluten-free diet as it aids in many health benefits. If this is one of your resolutions, or if you aren’t gluten-free by choice, give our gluten-free cookies a chance. They are made with sweet rice flour and potato chips for an extra crunch. Some are sweet, chocolatey, and downright delicious.

iced lemon gluten-free


Cravings happen, and it’s okay to give in. Remember, moderation is key. So the next time you’re met with one, swap your favorite flavors with a vegan or sugar-free cookie.


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