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Love At First Bite Gift Guide

Posted on February 03 2022

Love At First Bite Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. With delays in shipping from weather and Covid, the time to shop is now! And because Valentine’s is celebrated differently amongst everyone- gal pal's, lovers, friends, clients; we’ve provided a Valentine gift guide for all. So for all you romantic’s out there, let us help you do it right.


Flowers & Cookies   

A Valentine Monica's Gourmet Cookie box featuring our valentine cookies, red velvet, white chocolate cherry amaretto, iced sugar gems, chocolate chip, and brownie grenade. An arrangement of Valentine Flowers you can find on FTD Pro Flower's website.


Flowers on Valentine’s Day make up for the most purchased item, with sweets following close behind. So, if you love to spoil or be spoiled, you’ll want to check out our partnership with FTD ProFlowers.

There, you will find a gourmet Valentine box of our cookies, as well as an array of beautiful flowers, roses, and Valentine Bouquets. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving it all on Valentine’s Day?

Gift Boxes For All:

 A valentine Monica's Gourmet cookie box with a big red ribbon and flowers in the background. A sign that reads love in the background, and a valentine gift box of monica's gourmet cookies. The cookies featured in the picture are red velvet, iced almond, candied chocolate chip, and iced sugar gems.

Sweets before dinner? The answer is always yes. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t skimp out on dessert before getting too full, either. This is why our four-pack makes the most delicious little gift set to hand to your honey or yourself before dinner!

But if our four-pack isn’t enough, we offer six, eight, and a dozen! Create a lovely mix or check out our Cupid’s Mix, made especially for all!


The Sweetest Bundle:

Our children's book bundle, The Annual Royal Bake-Off, featuring our book, and two main character dolls, Sugarbelle, The Cookie Fairy, and Lemmy, The Dog. Our children's book, The Annual Royal Bake-Off

Don't forget to spoil your little ones! They like sweets and stories too. Instead of heart-shaped candy, this year, for Valentine's Day, bring home cookies, friends, and a story, with our children's book bundle, The Annual Royal Bake-Off.

It's packed with adventure, friends, cookies, and more! What's not to love?


No matter your budget, or who you decide to spoil this year, let us help you spread the love and share cookies!


A red tablecloth featuring a glass of red wine and a platter of our gourmet cookies; red velvet, peanut butter drizzle, chocolate chip, and iced sugar gems.

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