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In 1991, while confined to bed rest during a high-risk pregnancy, the beginning stages of what now comprises my gourmet cookie collection began to take shape.

Flavors, ingredients, and measurements rushed through my head, and I diligently used my pen and paper – my only means of creation – to record it all. Post-pregnancy, having given birth to my second daughter, I returned to my list of potential concoctions.

Several months later, the fruits of my 'labor' paid off – the ideal blend of ingredients was finally determined, and an incredible cookie was born … followed by more!

However, it took a few years to duplicate each batch to absolute perfection and to discover just how significantly these cookies would affect my culinary future.

During this time, my cookies were a staple at every one of my gourmet catering bookings. Before long, it didn’t matter what scrumptious entrees and side dishes I had created as long as my cookies were a part of the menu!

Over time, requests for my cookies became so frequent that fulfilling those orders began to eclipse my regular catering business. Ultimately, due to growing demand and my undeniable passion for my creations, cookies became my primary area of concentration. 

Now, you can find Monica's Gourmet Cookies in over 50 grocery stores across Michigan and Illinois, with worldwide shipping available!