"I just received an order of your cookies as a Christmas gift. I’ve never been much of a cookie fan but one taste of your cookies have changed that! They are incredible!"

"I want to thank you for the beautiful presentation of the cookies and coffee for our Administrative Assistants! Your far surpassed my expectations! All recipients were delighted and appreciated the uniqueness of the gift!"

"Um…amazing! Thank you!"

"After having your cookies at my wedding, all of my friends on the east side of the state are OBSESSED. They always tell me about how they were fighting to find more cookies. They were even trading pieces of cake for more cookies to take home with them."

"There are only three of us in the office right now; we’re trying to decide if we want to share the box with the rest of the agents or not!"

"Monica, you are a huge hit in Florida! The “points” you have earned me over the years. If you only knew!"

"I have driven miles out of my way to try a cookie that someone recommends so I have a pretty critical palate! With all due respect your cookies might be THE best I have ever experienced."

"WOW!! The cookies were amazing and the Board of Trustees absolutely loved them."

"When you delivered the cookies our executive director squealed with delight!"

"People were stealing your cookies. I left for two minutes to grab a lunch and the rest of them were gone."

"A huge hit!"






"In our family, we love Monica’s Gourmet Cookies so much that we hide them from the rest of the family. So, when I was going to can some pickles imagine my delight to find a box of Monica’s Valentine Cookies hidden in the canning pot with five cookies remaining … in my garage … in July. My youngest daughter immediately popped one in her mouth, they were still good!"


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