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Monica's Gourmet Gluten-Free Cookies

Oh, so soft with a twist of something crunchy. Our gluten-free cookies are made with sweet white rice flour
and kettle-cooked potato chips. They are handmade, weighed between 1.9oz-2.1oz, dipped, iced,
and stored and sealed in a separate area from our regular cookies. Shop by the dozen for your favorite gluten-free cookie,
or click here, to get a mix of them all! Check back in the fall and wintertime
for our gluten-free Iced Pumpkin and gluten-free Iced Peppermint.

Chocolate Chip (GLUTEN FREE)
Gluten-Free Mix
Iced Almond (GF)
Iced Lemon (GF)
Iced Pumpkin (GF): (September-December)