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The Annual Royal Bake-Off


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Monica's Gourmet presents its first children's book of the Cookie Fairy Series:

The Annual Royal Bake-Off

Join Sugarbelle, The Cookie Fairy, and her furry companion, Lemmy, as they enter the Annual Royal Bake-Off. 
Bakers will get the chance to have their cookies featured at the Royal Ball, but face quite the challenge once the evil Red Velvet Queen and her minion, Mr. Fudge, enter the competition! Oh, sprinkles!
Will cookies crumble? Find out in this enchanting baking story based on the gourmet cookie flavors and brand of Monica's Gourmet Cookies.
 For virtual readings with The Cookie Fairy, class, library and hospital visits, please contact Jordan@monicasgourmet.com  
Recently received “The Annual Royal Bake-Off” as a gift, and I highly recommend purchasing it for the special kiddos in your life! The story keeps my kids’ attention with the deliciously fun characters, beautifully detailed pictures, and intriguing storyline. Getting to snuggle with the adorable main character stuffed animals, Sugarbelle and Lemmy, is the cherry on top for a perfect bedtime story!

- Alyssa B

Incredible story that is truly brought to life by the illustrations. Would highly recommend to anyone with children, or someone who just wants to read a great story!

- Matt K

This book is a piece of artwork! The detailed illustrations really make each character shine bright - this adorable story is fun for so many ages!

- Nikki G

I bought The Annual Royal Bake-Off and was not disappointed! I’m 27 and loved this adorable children’s book. I can’t wait to share this with my nieces and nephews and children of my own in the future. The story is easy to follow along and exciting until the very last page! The illustrations are so cute too. 10/10 would buy for their children!

- Sarah B: