The Royal Coronation cookie. Coronation cookie.

How Did Monica's Cookies Get Started?

With a little blind faith, time, and effort, find out how below!

All our nut cookies.

Monica's dream is to feed the world one cookie at a time.

In 1991, while confined to bedrest during a high-risk pregnancy, I had grand visions of owning my own cookie company. Out of boredom, I circled hungrily over drool-worthy recipes I favored, and created a cookie collection with hopes of debuting it one day.

During this time, my catering company was on pause, but shortly after giving birth to my second daughter, Jordan, who works for the company, I found myself back in the kitchen with a new addition to the gourmet lunches I provided my clients: a chocolate chip cookie.

Little did I know how major of an impact this cookie would have. Over time, requests for my chocolate chip cookie became so frequent, I took a leap of faith, bid a sweet farewell to my catering company, and launched Monica’s Gourmet Cookies.

It took years to duplicate each batch to perfection, but the fruits of my labor paid off, and more cookies followed, like our beloved Iced Almond and Peanut Butter Drizzle.

For the past twenty years, with the help of my incredible team and all the wonderful customers, Monica’s Cookies has steadily grown.

Today, you can find us drop-shipping over 52 flavors, including seasonal favorites, and find our cookies locally at our bakehouse and in stores throughout Michigan. 

A bowl of gourmet cookies.
A stack of cookies, brownie, chocolate chip, and white chocolate macadamia.

The Process:

With a distinctive style and taste, all our gourmet, softer-baked cookies are handcrafted. Every flavor is delicately iced, dipped, and chipped by our incredible team and is then individually wrapped for sharing.

Chocolate Brownie Grenade