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Monica's Gourmet Iced Cookies

All our iced cookies are handmade,
weighed at 1.9oz, baked, and then iced or dipped by hand to perfection.
Shop by the dozen for your favorite iced cookie, or click here to create an Iced dozen mix!

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From $10.00 - $200.00
Iced Almond
Iced Almond (GF)
Iced Cinnamon Sugar
Iced Keylime: (April-August)
Iced Lemon
Iced Lemon (GF)
Iced Lemon Raspberry (April-August)
Iced Maple Walnut
Iced Raspberry: (April-August)
Iced Sugar Gems
Red Velvet: (November-February)
White Chocolate Cherry Amaretto